Video Journal Entries

These video entries show the progression of the Feed Us More Than Peanuts Campaign in 2008, from its conception until the deliveries of letters and peanuts to the offices of several Southern California State Legislators.  Also take a look at our student interview videos
This Video Entry shows Richmond Wong composing letters to local state representatives at the beginning of the Feed Us More Than Peanuts Educational Campaign.
Here, the students at Rowland High School collect letters and signatures from students, protesting the proposed cuts to the education budget.  The students of the campaign also fold and stuff the letters into envelopes, to prepare them to be delivered to the offices of local legislators. 
The final portions of the letter phase of the campaign are highlighted.  Students fold and stuff letters, address envelopes, and then the letters are sorted and bundled for delivery. 
Dozens of cases of peanuts were bought from Smart & Final, using generous donations.  These peanuts would be delivered to the legislators, with about 1 individual serving-sized bag representing 2 to 3 student letters.  The individual packages of peanuts were labeled with stickers, saying:
~Feed Us More Than Peanuts~
Don't starve education; don't cut school budgets. Support California students. Feed us more than peanuts!
~Rowland High School Students~
In this portion of the campaign, students pack and label the peanuts.  They also take peanuts from large 5 pound bags and package them into smaller individual bags, again with the same labels as above.
The campaign visited the  offices of then Senator Bob Margett, Senator Gloria Romero, then Assemblyman Bob Huff, Assemblyman Charles Calderon, and Assemblyman Ed Hernandez, meeting representatives and sharing our ideas on the issues.  Most offices were welcoming, listening to us, as well as accepting the letters and the symbolism of the peanuts.