What is Feed Us More Than Peanuts?

  • More Than Peanuts is a student movement started in 2008 to help protect public funding for education in California. 
  •  Feed Us More Than Peanuts encourages students not only to form their opinions and be aware of current events, but to also take the initiative to stand up for what they believe. 
  • The Campaign also shows that students care about taking charge of their own education, and that education means something to them. 
  • The movement is a way for students to have a voice in the political process, especially those who cannot yet vote.

What's With the Peanuts?

  • The Peanuts are symbolic for how much funding California was planning to give to public education in 2008, and are still symbolic of insufficient funding for public education.
  • The 2008 proposed budget only allocated "peanuts" for education.  California's students cannot be raised and educated on merely peanuts.  They need more than peanuts, and California's public education needs more than peanuts. 
  • In our campaign, we purchased peanuts, and delivered them to our local legislators.  Each individual bag of peanuts represented 3 students, or about 5 peanuts for each student. 


  • Educate students about how current events affect them, and to promote active particiation in the democratic process. 
  • In the short term, to pass a California Budget that provides funding to California Public Schools at a higher than the rate as set by Prop 98, so that public schools can still continue to function and provide a high quality education to California's students. 
  • In the long term, to promote a stable and long term solution to fund California Public Education, so that the percentage of funding does not change year to year based on the economy of the state.

The Importance of Education

If the state of California only funds education at the minimum level, as set by Prop 98, and does not include adjustments for Cost of Living, and rising oil prices, then they are only giving us peanuts. Children cannot be raised on peanuts alone. Please, feed us more than peanuts, and help us find a stable and long term plan to fund public education in California.

Education provides the basic infrastructure of a Democratic Society - how can we be leaders and be able to vote for leaders who aren't corrupt and misleading if we do not have an education? Education can solve many of today's problems. Education leads to tomorrow's doctors, engineers, scientists, leaders, and everyday workers who affect all our lives.

In today's modern civilization, an education is essential to being able to integrate into society. Education opens the doors in young people's minds, and creates each path that everyone walks down. Education is more than what happens in the classroom, but budget cuts also affects those other activities - clubs, sports, bands. Those activities provide unique learning experiences and keep kids in good places, but they are becoming more and more expensive to keep, and those fees are being passed on to students. Who is to say only the rich can participate in school activities? Education needs help - Education needs you.