Interview Videos

Enjoy our videos about the campaign, from the very people who took part in it.   They range from information on how we started, what the campaign's message is, and reactions to meeting and discussing issues at the offices of local legislators.  Also take a look at the video journal entries section, documenting the process. 
Richmond talks about the beginnings of the Feed Us More Than Peanuts Campaign.   
Here, Tim discusses how he joined the campaign, and the process of the campaign.  He also talks about how California state budget cuts to public education personally affect him. 
Richmond speaks about the Feed Us More Than Peanuts Campaign, after the second day of peanut and letter deliveries.
Yongjin speaks about the letter campaign part of Feed Us More Than Peanuts.   
Anna and Jessica talk after the second day of delivering peanuts and letters to local legislators. 
Victor shows how we're using the peanuts to spread out message that funding public education is essential.   
Trevor discusses his views on the budget crisis.